Flash Fiction: Nothingness

Zipping through the street she ran trying to catch her bus. She reached the stop just as the bus pulled away. Running behind it waving frantically praying the driver would see her everything around her seemed to slow down.  She looked at her hands that were slowly disintegrating. Time stopped as she moved through the… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Nothingness


Life Lately

I've started to relate to the Walking Dead a little too much in the past few weeks. That is too say the walkers not the actual cast. My brain has slowed down to what I can only describe as a primal state of move forward and eat whatever appears to be food. It's a joyous type… Continue reading Life Lately

Happiness, Kindness, Thoughts

Shit, It Happens

Shit happens. It happens to really bad people who do just mean things. It also happens to hard-working, honest, kind people who smile at everyone. The thing is that shit happens to everyone no matter if they deserved it or not. It happens no matter how hard someone’s life has been or how much bad… Continue reading Shit, It Happens