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The Fremont Solstice Parade

Summer is a magical time in Seattle. After months of gloomy clouds this big blue thing appears in the sky along with a glowing orb. After months of being cooped up people take to the streets celebrating anything that can be celebrated. Summer is a time to cruise the lakes, taste the food truck offerings… Continue reading The Fremont Solstice Parade

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Getting A New View

Trash, grime, construction, and all the nasty things that come with living in the city it's easy to see nothing but the ugly around us. Sometimes I need to remove myself from all of that and be reminded of the beauty of the city. Be reminded how about how Seattle is a city surrounded and engulfed… Continue reading Getting A New View

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Morsel: Seattle’s Best Kept Foodie Secret

"So I had a biscuit with bacon jam on it." I pause to see my husband's reaction, but his face fell. "You had bacon jam? Isn't is amazing?!" "Oh my god, it is. They get it from a place called Morsel." In that moment I saw nothing but love and admiration in his eyes for… Continue reading Morsel: Seattle’s Best Kept Foodie Secret