Flash Fiction: The Flash

The flash in the sky was blinding. I was outside when the world just blinked. That’s what is was or at least the best way to explain what happened; it all just blinked. One moment I was watching my daughter, Miko, do flips off her swing, ringlets of hair wildly flying around and then was… Continue reading Flash Fiction: The Flash


Flash Fiction: Nothingness

Zipping through the street she ran trying to catch her bus. She reached the stop just as the bus pulled away. Running behind it waving frantically praying the driver would see her everything around her seemed to slow down.  She looked at her hands that were slowly disintegrating. Time stopped as she moved through the… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Nothingness


Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep by Philp K. Dick

Let me admit my own ignorance. I never wanted to watch Blade Runner because I thought it had something to do with vampires. I don’t do vampires. Nope it had to do with androids. Boy was my face red when my husband realized how mixed up I was. We watched the movie. It was good.… Continue reading Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep by Philp K. Dick