Life Lately

I've started to relate to the Walking Dead a little too much in the past few weeks. That is too say the walkers not the actual cast. My brain has slowed down to what I can only describe as a primal state of move forward and eat whatever appears to be food. It's a joyous type… Continue reading Life Lately

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My Baby Is Getting Too Big

This is my baby, my little girl, my squirt. Okay, maybe this is a more accurate picture of what she looks like, and when I say more accurate I mean this is what she looks like. However in my head she will always be two. Today she started Kindergarten. She is thrilled and if I'm… Continue reading My Baby Is Getting Too Big


An Open Letter To A Friend Dealing With Change

There is something to be said about being in the moment. Quitting the job that is sucking the life out of you, moving away from the city you dislike, and leaving the nest to be on your own for the first time it’s exciting, exhilarating. New friends, a new life, the perfect place… When the… Continue reading An Open Letter To A Friend Dealing With Change