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Ah, May. The month I realize there are less than five weeks of school left and freak out by trying to sew with both hands and my right foot at once in order to get my projects done before I become the full time personal assistant for my kids over the summer.

This month I have two big cosplay projects on my list as well as a writing goal.

Mays W.I.P.s

Alice In Wonderland:


Coming up in June is the Fremont Solstice Parade. It really isn’t one of those things that can be explained so much. It needs to be experienced. Think living street theater meets naked people on bikes in a parade. Each year I do photography for the parade. It involves a lot of dodging people on stilts in either pouring rain or 80 degree weather. So why not add a costume! Last year was Steampunk Mad Hatter and this year Alice!

I will do a post in the future about the inspiration but as of right now I have most of the jumper finished as well as the gloves.

This month I need to finish the jumper, apron, and blouse, and start on the Cheshire Cat backpack.



Okay, okay I have no clue what I am doing here so slow and steady is key. Thankfully this doesn’t need to be done until October but my boss (Squirt) tries to keep moving up the timeline on me. I’m starting to wonder if she just has that much confidence in me or thinks I am a robot.

This month goal is to finish the jumpsuit and research various materials for the armor. (craft foam vs eva foam? Opinions anyone?)


That’s the working title who a short story I have been babying/avoiding for months. A fun little story about a young cargo pilot facing some ethical issues and DNA storage. There has been a lot of research on my end regarding DNA storage which is a rather new and currently not a viable way to store information due mostly to cost, so there has been a lot of imaging what the world would and could look like if it was practical.

I have several drafts written, but it is time to focus and fully flesh out the characters.

This months goal is to get a tight and clean outline to work with.

That’s my months. What are you working on?


Emerald City Comic Con


I’m going to to Emerald City Comic Con, hehe! I’m going to ECCC, haha! I’m going to…WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WALK IN TO?

After falling head over heals in love with cosplay because it is like a very long Halloween (Batman fans see what I did there?) I needed to go to a con. After Geek Girl Con I knew I was ready. Oh, young padawan how little you know. 

I was excited. Over the moon and in full Raven gear.


The Good:

  1. ECCC is huge.
  2. Really huge.

The Bad:

  1. There are lots of people. The jury is still out on how I feel about people but this was more people then I can normally handle and my meds were not handling my anxiety well. 
  2. Employees had no clue were anything was and each had the vision of a mystical escalator somewhere that would whisk us off to where we were trying to go.
  3. Said escalator did not exist.

The Ugly:

  • My family got locked in a stairwell with an exhausted and hungry six year old. How did that happen? See the statements above.

The Verdict:


ECCC was HOLYGOODGODAMAZING. The cosplay was off the charts. People were generally friendly and welcoming with the exception of the one person who was a little to overexcited about my cosplay and I suspect that he thought I really was Raven. I can’t blame him. Often I get mistaken for a half demon inter dimensional being who can fly. It’s cool.


That isn’t ECCC incase you were wondering. This was my house after a battle with Baby Blood, Brother Blood’s younger sibling. 

The best part was watching my daughter, Squirt, get into the action. As we were walking outside she came across a fairy being chased by a large man with a hammer and promptly asked if she could play. How could you say no to kid dressed as Starfire? They ran all over and Squirt was shooting fire bolts out of her hands. At one point the guy broke character to laugh over “Starfire is pewing me.” It’s on my instagram. Check it out. 


ECCC was just a blast. Now I’m looking forward my next. Maybe PAX? 

What was your first con?

The One Shoed Raven of Emerald City Comic Con

There comes a point when the ideal of sailing into a deadline with comfortable room to spare collides with the reality of situation. Last night I realized Emerald City Comic Con was 10 days away. Cue panic attack.

Quick rundown on where I stand:

Starfire: Done.

Raven: Almost there.

Beast Boy: Fuhgeddaboudit.


Yes, it may seem I am in good standing. Raven’s dress and cape are done. Wig arrived in the mail. Red bindi is sitting on my dresser. Got a fancy body suit contraption to keep everything in place. Tried out my Raven makeup and ended up running to pick up my daughter at school with it on. A second grader told me he “liked my face.” Seal of approval if I have ever heard one. Right now all I need is to finish one of the gloves, finish the boots, and say a prayer over the belt in hopes it doesn’t fall apart.


That doesn’t seem like much until I add in that my glove that needs finishing is missing which means if it isn’t found I have to find the same fabric to make a replacement or start over. Oh and the boots, ha, well I have no clue what I am doing here. I need to glue the boot cover to one shoe, but I haven’t because I’m a chicken and think I cut the fabric wrong. See in my mind if I let it sit the magic elves will come out and do it for me and all will be right in the world. So far no elves. They never come. Damn elves.
Well, if you see a Raven with one boot and glove hoddling around Comic Con come say hi.

Neko Atsume Tubbs Shirt


Neko Atsume is something I will never understand. Earning money to feed virtual cats and buying them toys so they come to your yard and leave more money. It is a vicious cycle of Nekos and I love every flipping second of it. I want to giggle with glee when one is curled up in a basket sleeping. I chuckle every time one of those fur balls is mooning me. I want to strangle them when they leave me one silver fish for the entertainment I provided for them, but I can’t stay mad because that is just the way of cats. i can’t even hate on Tubbs when he waddles into my yard and eats all the food. Sigh.

Neko Atsume has taken over my phone and my daughter. I’m okay with that. I may fuel the fire a bit with latter. I offered to make my daughter a shirt…  It was really simple to make and a great scrap buster. Double score.

IMG_4255Using fleece I drew out Tubbs, cut him out, added his face and crumbs by gluing on some felt then set it all aside.

IMG_4257Laying out the shirt I used a marker to write out NEKO then cut out the letters. 

IMG_4259Pin a piece of fabric behind the cut out letters and sew in place. Cut off the access fabric.

IMG_4288Center your Neko on the shirt and appliqué.

I’m thinking about making one for myself. Maybe mama and daughter matching Tubbs shirts.

Top Things To Do In The Olympic National Park This Winter With Your Kids


It is almost shameful to admit that after seven years in Seattle the Olympic Mountains, that sit across the water from me, still remain a mystery. Over my time here I have heard their call and decided this needed to be rectified. One evening I made my move by suggesting to my husband that we make a New Years trip, invite the grandparents and maybe even get a date night out of it. Slipping a picture of a AirBnB house in front of him with a perfect view of the mountains in a quiet area he was sold.


We hopped a fairy to Kingston via Edmonds and a few minutes later we were waving goodbye to the Cascades and waving hello to the Olympics. My interest in the park lies in its mysteries. Around 35 million years ago the plates collide pushing up the seabed creating the mountain range. Proof of this lies in the fossils of sea life that are found near the summit.

Although our trip was way too short we found some amazing places that no one should miss.


Hurricane Ridge: Since we arrive just around New Years we found that many of the lodges were closing down after January 1s not to open again until April, the hot springs were closed due to something toxic found in the waters, and many roads were under snow. Hurricane Ridge was under 84″ of snow causing many cars to turn around due to lack of chains in their cars. Note to future self: Plan better. It was still worth the trip. The ranger station had a great interactive area for the littles to play in and rangers who could talk your ear off. That is a good thing in so many ways.


We pulled off on a scenic over look to play in the snow (instead of making all the way up to the sledding area) and get some great views without the pain of putting on chains and waiting the hours to get a spot to park.


Port Angeles Fine Art Center:  The ranger station pointed us to a unique sculpture garden that was a hour of fun for all of us. Trails leading through a small wooded area lead to discoveries of engaging art around each corner. Now understand that the word engaging meant something a bit different to each of us in my group. Squirt ran through the trails with grandma thrilled to find each new discovery. My husband, Chewbranca, contemplated the what art actually is, Bubba tried to chew every branch that came near him (teething sucks), while my father-in-law lagged behind giggling over the fact that we felt like we were in the Blair Witch Project. Hey to each their own. It was great.


Pricilla’s Cruise in Cafe: We spend hours walking the port towns and eating. One cashier directed us to a cafe where we a musician was playing in the corner next to our table serenading us with his own unique brand of music including his own song “White Rasta, I Can’t Trust You” We found out that he was a cook at another place, Priscilla’s Cruise-In Cafe which has become one of my favorite restaurants worthy of its own spotlight on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives. Let’s just say the pineapple cream cheese omelette with green onions seeps into my dreams at night.

Our time was short, but this trip was more for wetting the whistle then anything else and it worked. A love affair has started and a trip is planned for the summer.

Have you ever been to the Olympic National Park? Any tips for future trips?

Flash Fiction: Nothingness


Zipping through the street she ran trying to catch her bus. She reached the stop just as the bus pulled away. Running behind it waving frantically praying the driver would see her everything around her seemed to slow down. 

She looked at her hands that were slowly disintegrating. Time stopped as she moved through the void. Color shattered pulling apart the material world around her until the particles it was made of fell away. 

Inhaling the bitter sweet smells smells that danced around her. Exhaling nothingness. 

Sound crashed down around her.

Her arm tingled as pleasure and pain shot though her body until it all stopped. 

She was nothing yet she was everything. Free from time and space. Standing on the edge of the abyss no longer part of the perceived world. Complete oneness. 

Around her colors started to swarm. Her body anchored her back to the ground. The smell of exhaust and people yelling brought her back. 

As her bus drove away she stood looking at the world around her. The eon of nothingness she experienced was gone. The world around her was different. It all seemed so pointless. Void of meaning yet she ran yelling once again for the bus to stop.

New Year Cosplay

Resolutions suck. After spending some time writing down some for 2016 my list looked more like a todo list. My sewing list takes up two pages. Let’s just say I’ve got more projects that I want to complete that I’m good for the next several life times.

Cosplay is the big thing I’m looking forward to this year. I’ve got a few costumes on my list to knock out.

1. Raven and Starfire. I’m raising a big Teen Titans fan. (A girl after my own heart). Squirt is looking forward to Comic Con in April and we decided on going as a duo. If I have time Buba might get a Breast Boy costume and the husband might get tricked into a Cyborg outfit. That is going to require some trickery on my part…

120930-1205 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo

2. Harajuku Alice. Last year for the Solstice Parade I managed to cobble together a last minute Steampunk Mad Hatter outfit. Keeping with the theme I decided to do a play on Alice. Right now I’m not sure entirely how it is going to go, but I got my eye a pink wig and have brought home some pink antler print fabric.


3. Wolf Carol. Because scratchy deep down I really want to be her, well considering the Walkers maybe not.


4. Bombshell Batwoman. Thinking this one for Geek Girl Con.

What are you making this year?