September Writing Goals

The fall winds are hallowing again knocking down trees and devastating my fence in the process. The seasons seemed to have changed in a blink of an eye going from 90 degree days and unusually blue skies to down pours and 50 mph winds. Summer is over next week officially. Forget the equinox. Summer is… Continue reading September Writing Goals


What Exactly Is Dystopia?

They tore down paradise and put up the Arena. Let's face it dystopia is anything but Shangri-la. Since the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins the term dystopia has popped up everywhere. Seriously just browse the young adult section of the bookstore and it will be hard to miss books like Divergent, Matched, The Uglies, Maze Runner,… Continue reading What Exactly Is Dystopia?


An Open Letter To A Friend Dealing With Change

There is something to be said about being in the moment. Quitting the job that is sucking the life out of you, moving away from the city you dislike, and leaving the nest to be on your own for the first time it’s exciting, exhilarating. New friends, a new life, the perfect place… When the… Continue reading An Open Letter To A Friend Dealing With Change