I Am Ready for The Solstice

It has barely started to look like Spring around here but my mind is already prepared for summer. While skimming through some of my photos I came across last year's Solstice Parade photos and I was transported to my happy place amongst naked cyclists, zombies pulling floats through the streets, hammocks strung in the trees… Continue reading I Am Ready for The Solstice


In Over My Head And I’m Ignoring It

A goal without a plan is just a dream. That my friend is the weak of heart. I say leave the plans to mice and men and jump into it blindfolded, feet first. Unless it is the zombie apocalypse. ALWAYS have a plan for the zombie apocalypse. In about three weeks from now I planned… Continue reading In Over My Head And I’m Ignoring It

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The One Shoed Raven of Emerald City Comic Con

There comes a point when the ideal of sailing into a deadline with comfortable room to spare collides with the reality of situation. Last night I realized Emerald City Comic Con was 10 days away. Cue panic attack. Quick rundown on where I stand: Starfire: Done. Raven: Almost there. Beast Boy: Fuhgeddaboudit. Yes, it may seem… Continue reading The One Shoed Raven of Emerald City Comic Con


Flash Fiction: Nothingness

Zipping through the street she ran trying to catch her bus. She reached the stop just as the bus pulled away. Running behind it waving frantically praying the driver would see her everything around her seemed to slow down.  She looked at her hands that were slowly disintegrating. Time stopped as she moved through the… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Nothingness