Feeling Tiny

After driving for 6+ hours to a hotel in the middle of nowhere, no really it was the middle of nowhere we came to Kahneeta. It's hard to describe the trip because it wasn't about what we did so much as the land around us. It was breathtaking. What makes this place so awesome: We… Continue reading Feeling Tiny


6 Hours Across Washington

One moment we are here, in a city that was built as the background for the Jetsons and the next.... we are in Snow White's village in the mountains. Yes, I compare every moment of my life to what TV show or cartoon I may be in. It is what starts most of my… Continue reading 6 Hours Across Washington

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Morsel: Seattle’s Best Kept Foodie Secret

"So I had a biscuit with bacon jam on it." I pause to see my husband's reaction, but his face fell. "You had bacon jam? Isn't is amazing?!" "Oh my god, it is. They get it from a place called Morsel." In that moment I saw nothing but love and admiration in his eyes for… Continue reading Morsel: Seattle’s Best Kept Foodie Secret


Flash Back Friday: Cape Town, South Africa

"When are we going to climb it?" The words leave my mouth before my brain processes what I said. "You are really serious?" I'm in the back of a taxi before I know what is happening being dropped off at the bottom of the trailhead leading up Table Mountain. What was I thinking? This is… Continue reading Flash Back Friday: Cape Town, South Africa