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Poke Pillow Tutorial

Lego club ends with a rousing game of "guess the animal I am." How or why this is such a hit is best left for another day, trust me. Kids jump around the room one a hawk another a worm. "Who am I?" Squirt yells. "Mew." I say as she crashes to the ground and flops on… Continue reading Poke Pillow Tutorial

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The Fremont Solstice Parade

Summer is a magical time in Seattle. After months of gloomy clouds this big blue thing appears in the sky along with a glowing orb. After months of being cooped up people take to the streets celebrating anything that can be celebrated. Summer is a time to cruise the lakes, taste the food truck offerings… Continue reading The Fremont Solstice Parade

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10 Things My Friends Have Taught Me

Last week was my birthday. It really got me thinking about life and the things that I have been taught along the way. Outer beauty doesn't make you beautiful. It is amazing how so many times people who are beautiful by society's standards look ugly to me while those who aren't conventionally pretty are beautiful in… Continue reading 10 Things My Friends Have Taught Me