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Poke Pillow Tutorial

Lego club ends with a rousing game of "guess the animal I am." How or why this is such a hit is best left for another day, trust me. Kids jump around the room one a hawk another a worm. "Who am I?" Squirt yells. "Mew." I say as she crashes to the ground and flops on… Continue reading Poke Pillow Tutorial

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Ah, May. The month I realize there are less than five weeks of school left and freak out by trying to sew with both hands and my right foot at once in order to get my projects done before I become the full time personal assistant for my kids over the summer. This month I… Continue reading May WIPS.

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The One Shoed Raven of Emerald City Comic Con

There comes a point when the ideal of sailing into a deadline with comfortable room to spare collides with the reality of situation. Last night I realized Emerald City Comic Con was 10 days away. Cue panic attack. Quick rundown on where I stand: Starfire: Done. Raven: Almost there. Beast Boy: Fuhgeddaboudit. Yes, it may seem… Continue reading The One Shoed Raven of Emerald City Comic Con