Hello, I’m Sam. I’m a writer, cosplayer, world traveler, mama, obsessive reader, and lover of all things sci-fi. I read, write, and tweet about it.

So what kind of blog is this and what can I expect to find here?

Good question. We shall see.


This blog is a Geek Lifestyle blog. It’s for anyone who loves to travel and wants to know where to eat at cons, a survival for parents on how to get the Geeklets to sit though a panel, a love letter to cosplay, an exploration of fashion, and a commentary on being a geek woman.

So if comic con is on your travel wish list, you live in your cosplay cape (or wish you could), Disney Bounding is your jam, and chiptune is on your playlist this site is for you. Welcome home.


About Me:

I live in Seattle. I drink coffee. Those two things are independent of one another, but it works out well in the end. Most of my days are spend wrangling three children and living in their fantasy worlds. Other then that I read and write, a lot.

What else?

Other then that I enjoy collecting yetis, traveling, sewing, cosplay, using the word purge any chance I can, and playing with my Holga camera which usually leads to explaining to why it is held together with gaffers tape.

That’s me. Now tell me a bit about you.




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