Poke Pillow Tutorial



Lego club ends with a rousing game of “guess the animal I am.” How or why this is such a hit is best left for another day, trust me. Kids jump around the room one a hawk another a worm.

“Who am I?” Squirt yells.

“Mew.” I say as she crashes to the ground and flops on her side and asks “how did you know? Who am I now?” Parents cock their heads and guess “um, fish?”

“No!” She happily squeals.

Their is silence as they look to me for the answer.

“Magicarp?” I say.

“Yes!” She jumps up turns into another Pokemon.

That’s our days now: “Guess which Pokemon I am, Mama.” The answer is almost always Mew, but she takes a level of joy in acting out Magicarp. Mostly, I assume, is because she Magicarp gets some serious air. She honestly thinks I am bordering on psychic when I guess Mew and turn out right. I tell her that is all part of the all knowing powers you get as a mom. So far that works.

In addition to my godlike abilities I have also been blessed with the magic of being able to create anything my child dreams up and let me tell you she came dream big and expects me to come through. Oh, the downside to convincing my daughter of my powers. I shall have to tweak this story for child #2.

Recently I was tasked with making a Mew for Squirt. This I can do. Then she wanted a life sized Mew that could attack. Crap.

So I made her a pillow instead an she was appeased.


  • Pillow
  • White Fabric
  • Pink or Purple Fabric
  • Blue Fabric
  • Red Fabri
  • Purple, White, Blue, and Black Thread
  • Felt or interfacing

I started by cutting out cutting out by cutting four white squares 1/2″ bigger then my pillow.


Setting two of the white squares aside I started by focusing on Mew. To get the basic shape of Mew I drew a large, bottom heavy oval with a smaller oval for the nose that is about 1/3 the size of the rest of the head on the purple fabric. Using scraps of the white and blue fabric cut out the eyes.  The size is roughly 1/2 the size of the head.


Place the eyes on the face and applique in place. Finish off the face by appliqueing a line to indicate the nose.


The next step is the ears. Cut out four triangles. It is okay if they hang over the side of the pillow edge. Place the right sides together and sew around the top of the ear leaving the bottom open. Cut out two pieces of felt that are smaller than the ear. Flip the ear right side out and place the felt inside.


Center Mew’s face on one of the white squares. Place the ears so they are sticking out from behind the head and applique in place. Be sure to make sure that the bottom of the ear is completely hidden under the fabric. These ears really like to pop out.


Set aside the Mew face and now it is time to work on the Pokeball. Using red fabric cut out 2 rectangles that the same width as the white square but half the size. Place one red rectangle on top of the white and Applique. Repeat with the second white square and red rectangle.


Cut out a circle to use as the center of the Pokeball. Since my fabric was a bit sheer I used two layers.


Place the white circle on the piece of fabric that you are going to use for the front of the pillow and sew in place.


With right side together place the remaining white square on the square that was just finished and sew around the sides leaving the top open. Then turn right side out.


Now it is time to finish! Pin Mews ears down. This way they wont get caught under the needle when stitching the sides.


Now it is time to create the fabric sandwich. Place the front and back of the Pokball together with right sides facing. Next place the Mew square on top of the font of the Pokeball square with the right side of Mew touching the plain white side of the Pokeball square. Sew along the top securing all three squares.

Fold the middle square (Pokeball front) so that it isn’t touching the sides of the other two squares. I folded and pinned into a triangle to keep this piece from flapping around during the next step. Line up the sides of the Mew and Pokeball back square and sew two of the sides. Leave one open to flip pillow case, insert pillow, and sew shut.


On the bottom of the pillow you can opt to add buttons or velcro to keep the pillow flap shut.


If you make your own Pokeball Pillow please share in the comments below or show me on Instagram @SamBranca

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