In Over My Head And I’m Ignoring It



A goal without a plan is just a dream. That my friend is the weak of heart. I say leave the plans to mice and men and jump into it blindfolded, feet first. Unless it is the zombie apocalypse. ALWAYS have a plan for the zombie apocalypse.

In about three weeks from now I planned on having a Samus cosplay for my daughter done as well as Historically Accurate Maleficent for myself to wear at Geek Girl Con. I started planning in January. I knocked out the Samus body suit then, well, summer break. As Squirt was heading out the door for her first day of I realized it was crunch time.

Maleficent is chugging along considering I have no clue what I am doing. The main part of the outfit is a houppelande which was popular in the late Middle Ages. Here is the thing: the only clue we have to their construction is from paintings that have survived over the centuries because none of the dresses survived. So how the hell does it all work? Well, thankfully there is a very active cross section of people who like to dress in period costume and they love posting tutorials. Only issue is that no one is sure of the construction and there are many theories on how to make them and just as many people against the theories with ideas of their own. What they do agree on is that they used about 10 yards of fabric and were made out of silks or brocade.

Deep breath.

Please just imagine 10 yards of fabric (on top of top the rest of the outfit) at a convention. Honey child, no. I am thinking of renaming my cosplay to As Historically Accurate As I Can Stand It Maleficent or maybe including as asterisk after the name and making my husband carry around the footnote of how I was trying to be historically on point, but prefer comfort to accuracy and that just to prove my point that I am wearing bunny slippers under the hoop skirt.

Where does that leave me? Well with five yards of the lightest fabric I could justify I have the base of my houppelande. Now to finish the sleeves collar and hem. Can someone do the for me? Please?

Next up the horned hennin. Oh how I hate the Middle Ages.

On another note…


Good news is that Samus is going swimmingly. Well, until Bubba decided that he really loved his big sister and needed to help her. Now the armor is a bit battle worn or at least that is what we are going with to spin the heartbreak of destruction he brought down.


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