Historically Accurate Maleficent


Oh Simplicty, destroying the best laid plans. I was going to make Bombshell Batwoman, but with the new Bombshell patterns they released this past week I am just going to cool my jets a bit and see if a Batwoman pattern appears anytime soon. Hey, why reinvent the wheel? If Simplicity wants to make the pattern for me I will let them.

Next up: Historically Accurate Maleficent by Claire Hummel

Those sleeve, the buttons, that hat. My god that hat. The sewer in me is having a small panic attack. I need to make this now. Lately I have been blindly stumbling through making Samus armor for Squirt. It’s kind of killing me. Learning a new skill is great, but part of me is yearning to get back into my comfort zone with the sewing machine and jump into the Maleficent challenge.

Breaking this down has been interesting but there are a few parts that are leaving me in a quandary.

Let me break it down.

Cape: This should be easy peasy pumpkin squeezey. It’s a pretty straight forward, black cape with some interfacing to give it height.

Houppelande: This is a bit trickey. I did find a site that offered some great theories on how to design a houppelande. Lots of applique waiting for me on this one. Oh my, I am going to hate app aren’t I? The detail here is going to come in with the dragons. Houppelandes were more elaborate and jewel encrusted the higher the status of the wearer. I doubt Maleficent had few who dared to compare to her.

Buttons: Planning on sculpty unless I find something better.

Divided Hennin: Oh this will be interesting. Again a few different theories on how to make this happen. Maybe felt. Maybe paper mache covered by fabric. This will be interesting.

Specter: Pretty straight forward, but I want it to glow.

Any tips or tricks you want to share? What are you working on?

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