Poison Ivy Shirt Tutorial 


Where did this Batman obsession start? One day my husband decides to read a Batman comic the next day we are trying to figure out Robin timelines, he is trying to convince me that I must read about the Court of Owls, and Batman stickers are covering his laptop. Then the shirts show up. The Husband gets one. Then Squirt, who needs to be exactly like her daddy, has to have one. Well, if she has one Bubba needs one because Squirt is his idol. That leaves me the odd woman out. It was decided that I needed a shirt, but it isn;t so much Batman that draws me into Gotham. It is the support characters who populate the city that interest me. Besides it is the Poision Ivy’s, Harley Quinn’s, and Jason Todd’s that add the spice to Batman’s life.
It was an image that I came across that pushed me to make my own shirt and because I can’t do the simple thing and print the logo on transfer paper and iron it on I do this:

I started by printing our a Batman logo. When it was the size I wanted I used it as the stencil to cut out a green bat. Using the same logo I trimmed about 1 centimeter off the edge and used that as the template for the black bat.

Now it is just centering the logo on the shirt and sewing them in place.
Using brown embroidery floss I laid out the vines on the bat, cut them, and glued the ends in place with fabric glue. Leave some vines hanging off the logo or do what I did and wrap them around the back for interest or to cover up bleach spot. I will never admit to which one was my reason…

The finishing touch is the leaves. I cut out several sided ivy leaves and sewed them in place on the bottom of the leaf leaving the top loose. To fill in the reset of the vine I used smaller leaves that are tacked on.

So what do you think? I am thinking of doing a series of shirts like this by mixing logo. Maybe a red Harley Quinn bat next?

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