Flash Fiction: The Hoard


Flash_fiction_zombiesOne moment my chopper was  navigating its way to the township when it all went wrong. There was an explosion, we were hit. We thought we were the only humans left until we were shot down, but there was no time to process this. Base camp was already transmitting info over the radio as we went into a tail spin. We were going down and there was a hoard nearby.

The parachute extended. As I slowly floated to the ground I could the tower.Two, maybe three miles in the distance. If there was any chance of surviving that is where I would have to go. But the hoard was between me and it. Luckily the noise of the crash was drawing most of them away, but there were still stragglers.

Hitting the ground I threw off my parachute. I saw the pilot land nearby but there was no time to search. He would know where to rendezvous. That’s when I heard the bone chilling scream. My heart stopped. Survival mode took over. I ran.

Every noise echoed in my head. Every gust of wind grabbed at me pushing me faster. My heart thumping, sweat pouring down my face and I hear it; a small cough. Startled I look over my shoulder. An older man is running beside me trying not to look in my direction but obviously eying me. Pushing the button on the treadmill I slow to a walking pace and pull out my ear buds.

“Sorry.” I say meekly. “I, um, it’s an app, to help me run. It’s zombies. They chase you. Well it is more complicated see I was on a mission to bring water back to my township when my helicopter was shot down. I landed in a hoard of zombies. I had to make it to the tower, the only safe zone, but the zombies were closing in on me. Almost didn’t make it.”

The man stopped walking and just glared.

“Strong imagination.”I say pointing at my head. “The zombie growls were very life like.” I add while quickly getting off the treadmill.


***Inspired by a true story.

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