The One Shoed Raven of Emerald City Comic Con

There comes a point when the ideal of sailing into a deadline with comfortable room to spare collides with the reality of situation. Last night I realized Emerald City Comic Con was 10 days away. Cue panic attack.

Quick rundown on where I stand:

Starfire: Done.

Raven: Almost there.

Beast Boy: Fuhgeddaboudit.


Yes, it may seem I am in good standing. Raven’s dress and cape are done. Wig arrived in the mail. Red bindi is sitting on my dresser. Got a fancy body suit contraption to keep everything in place. Tried out my Raven makeup and ended up running to pick up my daughter at school with it on. A second grader told me he “liked my face.” Seal of approval if I have ever heard one. Right now all I need is to finish one of the gloves, finish the boots, and say a prayer over the belt in hopes it doesn’t fall apart.


That doesn’t seem like much until I add in that my glove that needs finishing is missing which means if it isn’t found I have to find the same fabric to make a replacement or start over. Oh and the boots, ha, well I have no clue what I am doing here. I need to glue the boot cover to one shoe, but I haven’t because I’m a chicken and think I cut the fabric wrong. See in my mind if I let it sit the magic elves will come out and do it for me and all will be right in the world. So far no elves. They never come. Damn elves.
Well, if you see a Raven with one boot and glove hoddling around Comic Con come say hi.

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