Neko Atsume Tubbs Shirt



Neko Atsume is something I will never understand. Earning money to feed virtual cats and buying them toys so they come to your yard and leave more money. It is a vicious cycle of Nekos and I love every flipping second of it. I want to giggle with glee when one is curled up in a basket sleeping. I chuckle every time one of those fur balls is mooning me. I want to strangle them when they leave me one silver fish for the entertainment I provided for them, but I can’t stay mad because that is just the way of cats. i can’t even hate on Tubbs when he waddles into my yard and eats all the food. Sigh.

Neko Atsume has taken over my phone and my daughter. I’m okay with that. I may fuel the fire a bit with latter. I offered to make my daughter a shirt…  It was really simple to make and a great scrap buster. Double score.

IMG_4255Using fleece I drew out Tubbs, cut him out, added his face and crumbs by gluing on some felt then set it all aside.

IMG_4257Laying out the shirt I used a marker to write out NEKO then cut out the letters. 

IMG_4259Pin a piece of fabric behind the cut out letters and sew in place. Cut off the access fabric.

IMG_4288Center your Neko on the shirt and appliqué.

I’m thinking about making one for myself. Maybe mama and daughter matching Tubbs shirts.

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