Flash Fiction: Nothingness


Zipping through the street she ran trying to catch her bus. She reached the stop just as the bus pulled away. Running behind it waving frantically praying the driver would see her everything around her seemed to slow down. 

She looked at her hands that were slowly disintegrating. Time stopped as she moved through the void. Color shattered pulling apart the material world around her until the particles it was made of fell away. 

Inhaling the bitter sweet smells smells that danced around her. Exhaling nothingness. 

Sound crashed down around her.

Her arm tingled as pleasure and pain shot though her body until it all stopped. 

She was nothing yet she was everything. Free from time and space. Standing on the edge of the abyss no longer part of the perceived world. Complete oneness. 

Around her colors started to swarm. Her body anchored her back to the ground. The smell of exhaust and people yelling brought her back. 

As her bus drove away she stood looking at the world around her. The eon of nothingness she experienced was gone. The world around her was different. It all seemed so pointless. Void of meaning yet she ran yelling once again for the bus to stop.

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