New Year Cosplay

Resolutions suck. After spending some time writing down some for 2016 my list looked more like a todo list. My sewing list takes up two pages. Let’s just say I’ve got more projects that I want to complete that I’m good for the next several life times.

Cosplay is the big thing I’m looking forward to this year. I’ve got a few costumes on my list to knock out.

1. Raven and Starfire. I’m raising a big Teen Titans fan. (A girl after my own heart). Squirt is looking forward to Comic Con in April and we decided on going as a duo. If I have time Buba might get a Breast Boy costume and the husband might get tricked into a Cyborg outfit. That is going to require some trickery on my part…

120930-1205 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo

2. Harajuku Alice. Last year for the Solstice Parade I managed to cobble together a last minute Steampunk Mad Hatter outfit. Keeping with the theme I decided to do a play on Alice. Right now I’m not sure entirely how it is going to go, but I got my eye a pink wig and have brought home some pink antler print fabric.


3. Wolf Carol. Because scratchy deep down I really want to be her, well considering the Walkers maybe not.


4. Bombshell Batwoman. Thinking this one for Geek Girl Con.

What are you making this year?

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