September Writing Goals



The fall winds are hallowing again knocking down trees and devastating my fence in the process. The seasons seemed to have changed in a blink of an eye going from 90 degree days and unusually blue skies to down pours and 50 mph winds. Summer is over next week officially. Forget the equinox. Summer is over when school starts.

Some how I got nothing done in the last 11 weeks of Spring Break. Nothing. I’ve thought about a lot of things but between a baby becoming mobile and the endless trips to the library with Squirt summer is gone. It’s time to start to be accountable.

Writing Goals

Finish Short Story: Really I need to finish at least one before I start on another. I have a focus problem. Currently I have one in the works that is inspired by my mother-in-law and her experience in school with people demanding books to be banned. The reason behind one ban in particular was because it made kids question authority. If that isn’t the prelude to 1984 or The Handmaids Tale I don’t know what is. Okay, back on topic. I need to get this story written out.

Travel Bag Article: The artistic bug has hit. I need to create and if I can write about it and get it published well that is three birds with one stone. Time to buckle down, pick some freaking fabric, sew, and write. Bing, bang, boom.

Write my Travel Article: Got to get it done before I forget what I did on vacation despite my notes. (See issue with notes below).

Reorganize Blog: It feels chaotic I bought a new layout but can’t seem to figure it out which makes me feel much older then I am. What happened to the teen who was up until 5am building websites?

Write 100 Words A Day: Just to get the ball rolling if nothing else.

Compile Trip The Light Fantastic Notes: OMG they are everywhere. Seriously I found a list of notes on a brochure in my daughters room the other day. Something need to be done here if I ever think I can write a book.

Find 5 Blogs: Let me narrow that down to five blogs that focus on YA and dystopian or sci-fi books. Suggestions are welcomed!

Read: Right now I’m about half way through Storm of Swords and want to knock out a couple hundred more pages. I’m savoring this book like I would an exceptional cup of coffee. I also want to finish The Year of the Flood and Madd Adam. This series has me geeking out at the moment not only over my end of the world obsession but how well it is thought out.

Linen, Wood, and Cotton:  This is a book, a sewing book, but that counts right? Last month Squirt and I made dress A now she wants poncho . I love this book. The outfits look complicated but come together so quick. Now if I could say that about tracing the patterns.

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