What Exactly Is Dystopia?


They tore down paradise and put up the Arena. Let’s face it dystopia is anything but Shangri-la.

Since the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins the term dystopia has popped up everywhere. Seriously just browse the young adult section of the bookstore and it will be hard to miss books like Divergent, Matched, The Uglies, Maze Runner, Legend, Under the Never Sky, Elite, and Ender’s Game. But what exactly is Dystopia?

The simple answer would be if utopia is the perfect society then dystopia would be the exact opposite.

Dystopia try to disguise themselves as the perfect utopian society or usually at least it does in the protagonists.  There is a highly structured society where citizens are controlled by propaganda from a controlling group.

Dystopia is about oppression and control from a government or group of leaders that make almost every decision in your life for you from what you eat and wear down to the person you marry. Usually this is done under the guise of creating a harmonious society where people willingly (or at least they believe that) give up certain freedoms in order to eliminate chaos and inequalities that would happen in a less organized world where people are free to make their own decisions.

When the protagonist starts to wake up to the world around them they start to see the cracks in society. The feel restricted by the rules that govern the land and seeks out to change them.

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  1. Lynsey says:

    I love dystopian tales.

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