The Redwoods


Growing up in Pennsylvania woods are nothing new to me. We had days in elementary school dedicated to what to do if you were lost in the forest. I love nature, but the woods isn’t something I get all teary eyed about. My husband, R, is the exact opposite. When we first drove off the 101 and into our campsite where the first trees started to appear R was gushing. I looked up from my book and balked “it looks like PA” and went back to reading. 


When the first 2,200 year old trees started to appear I had to eat my words. These trees were breathtaking. 

_DSC0113We drove through the Jedediah Smith Redwoods Park which was only a short drive from our camp site. There was a lot to drive through as well as a couple of short trails to hike. 

_DSC0144The other thing that blew my mind was how large the various parks that make up the redwoods cover. We started driving through them in Oregon and drove through them most of our way down to San Francisco. R heard about a park that was a bit of a detour off of our drive called Fern Canyon where some scenes from Jurassic Park was filmed.   


The park is a bit of the way off the beaten path and you need to take a car that can make it through some deeper “puddles.” If the entrance is under too much water the rangers wont let you in. Once we made it to the parking lot elk were grazing only feet away with their babies. _DSC0295The trial was one of my favorites. It’s short and flat, but not for the faint of heart. The trail sits in a canyon so there are no ways to cut around the fallen trees and water flowing through the trail other than to climb over them. 

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