Road Trip Quirks


 When it comes to road trips there are a few things that you need to know about me.  


For example, I will stop at every insane roadside attraction and pose with things like I did with this bear at Sasquatch Adventure. Spoiler: there were no big foots there. It was a place where they held chainsaw competitions. However the gift shop did have some sighting maps and Big Foot merchandise. I was satisfied. 


If you put the words world’s largest, Sasquatch, or world famous in the title I will be there. Also dinosaurs will get me too. Especially if there is a terrifying one popping out of the trees like this one at Prehistoric Gardens. Another spoiler: there are no gardens. 


I will make a side trip to drive through a 2,400 year old tree. 


If my husband gets the car stuck I will laugh until I realize the doors won’t open. However soon I will realize that I can get out the trunk so I will start laughing again.  


My daughter has her own set of quirks. She will walk on fallen tree…


swing on anything that can hold her weight…


 …and jump off of everything.


When we go to a state park where a chase scene in Jurassic park was filmed she will do it all over again.    


In all fairness I can’t leave my husband out. R will talk to every park ranger to find the best out looks. 

_DSC0258We will stop at everyone for him to take a panorama photo. Only to realize his phone isn’t working and settle on my camera to get the shot. 

Do you have road trip quirks. 

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