Driving The Oregon Coast


Mo's Oregon Coast

I’m not a sit in one place and do one thing kind of person. I’m more of a looking ahead to the next adventure type of girl which makes me a terrible Buddhist. That’s why road trips are my best friend. Plenty of time to sit in the car and read, lots of change of scenery, and tons of places to explore. This trip we planned to drive part of the Oregon Coast, down to the Redwoods, stop in San Francisco for a 10 year reunion, then stop over at Crater Lake before making it home to Seattle.

Oregon Coast Travel

R, grew up in Oregon and insisted on stopping at Mo’s in Florence, OR. It was a cute, seafood restaurant overlooking the water.  We got a chowder bread bowl and seafood sliders. The chowder. The best part was that even though the restaurant was packed the wait was minimal.

Florence, ORWe strolled around the town a bit to stretch out legs before the next leg of driving. We picked up salt water taffy across the street from Mo’s (tons of unique flavors Cream Soda, yum).

\ _DSC0043   The drive along the coast is always stunning. Sand dunes, yes actual, legit sand dunes appear just outside of Florance. It is almost surreal to see them against the green grass slopes and the ocean. 

Oregon Haystacks However it is the Haystacks that get me each time. They jut out of the ocean dotting the coast all the way down to the California boarder. 


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