The Color Run


As I saw the finish line in front of me I broke down crying as I ran. Two months ago I ran my first mile. Ever. Now I was nearing the of a 3.1 mile run. This was something I never though would be possible.


Right now I struggle to find the words to explain what this means. This 5k was something I had to do. I need to get healthy so I can live a fuller life. I need to set a better example of how to live a healthy life for my daughter. I needed to show myself that I could do it and I did.



Right now my body hurts. I’ve pushed my body to the limits, but I feel good. Like I’m on this high where my body feels healthy, my mind is clear, and running is just a case of mind over matter. It is incredible.




The Color Run itself was fantastic. Just some of the highlights:

  • It’s not about running the fastest mile, but about having fun.
  • There are four stations along the way where they squirt you with different colors. It really breaks up the course.
  • The Finish line was a flurry of color. It felt like I was running through a rainbow cloud.
  • The after party was amazing. The MC called everyone to the stage to throw the color packets we were given. It was a kaleidoscope of color. I took my daughter into the middle of the group during one of the tosses and she just sat on my shoulders in awe.

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