Stopping To Smell The Flowers In Wonderland


It was one of those mornings that the world seems perfect. Birds are singing, the sun is peaking through the window at 6 am, the air is the right level of cool, and a gentle breeze gently blows through the room. I’m awake and the rest of the world is asleep.


These photos were never meant to be shared. But it was too beautiful of a morning to let them hide away in a file on my computer. Beauty like this (the flowers not so much the photos) needs to be shared.





The Washington Park Arboretum, where these photos were taken is full of the most interesting trees. I want to rub my hands on all. My four year old thinks I’m nuts when I do this. She thinks the garden is for running through. It’s a race to the end with her.



I on the other hand go slow. I like to see what the flowers have to say. Enter their beautiful world for just a moment and have a chat.


In the end I always feel a bit like Alice in my own personal wonderland when I’m here and I even have my own red headed rabbit to chase.

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