Samantha vs. the Bank

Right now I’m drained, I understand some people better, I saw a new side of myself, and I’m hoping that a giant word vomit will help clear the emotions out of my head and let me move on.

So many emotions.

Last week my husband, R, and I went to look at neighborhoods that we  many want to move to in the next couple of years when we buy a house. The housing market in Seattle is insane and we know that in 2 years the prices will be ridiculously and we will have to settle for much less then what we want, but that is life in a city where I can see what my neighbor is cooking in their kitchen and $500,000 for a house is considered a steal.

I digress.

We drove around and then bam I saw our house. R thought I was nuts. It could be that I was screaming and jumping up and down as we drove, but I just knew this was ours. The prices was perfect, but the pictures they posted were horrible (only 1/4th of the house was photographed).

After struggling to get the agent to show us the house we were in. There were renters and they didn’t want us looking around, but I wasn’t leaving. There were 4 bedrooms, tons of light, a huge kitchen, vaulted ceilings, a view of sorts, and a backyard that you just don’t find in these parts. R was sold. He now wants it more then I do.

Then our loan fell through. AHHHHHH damn loan. Now we are trying to fix that. Sadly 6 of the 7 things going against us are loans we never defaulted on, but are reported on the credit as defaulted since 2008. We got the paper work from the Department of Education stating it was their mistake, but the bank is skeptical. We also have a credit service trying to help clear our debt, but we may have to give them power of attorney which will take at least two weeks.

Even more frustrating is that we have twice the down that is required to hand over right now. That means nothing to the bank.

R also just got a 3 year retention plan with a Fortune 500 company that will pay $75,000 over the next 3 years. That also means nothing to the bank. They prefer to see bonuses. Face plant. I want to strangle people. Why is this so hard. I understand that the bank doesn’t want to take huge risks, but how many more hoops do we need to jump through to prove that we can pay for this house?\\

That will be R and me removing unwanted buyers.

I don’t want anyone to buy this place. I have plans to haunt it or at least sit outside with a dart gun and poke people in the butt as they enter.

Now I get it. I see the frustration that people go thought when buying a house. I will never be harsh again.

I’ve also seen what this has done to me. I see the highs and lows of my emotions and how much I’m attached to them. I need to meditate. I need to get this out of my system. I need a house.


Have you been through this? How did you take care of your home loan mess?

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