Feeling Tiny


After driving for 6+ hours to a hotel in the middle of nowhere, no really it was the middle of nowhere we came to Kahneeta. It’s hard to describe the trip because it wasn’t about what we did so much as the land around us. It was breathtaking.


What makes this place so awesome:

  • We were warned to watch out for free range horses. No lie. They ran wild. On the way home there was a small group frolicking on the side of the road.
  • The closest “town” which is a casino, mini-mart, and museum is about 30 minutes away.
  • They have heated pools.
  • The land is amazing. In the valley there is red rocks, patches of green land, and areas where everything is white. Walk one direction and there are rolling hills, another is rocky with great views of plateaus, and in yet another there are stretches of land that looks like an artist went wild painting with color and then dotted the landscape with tree.



I’m a list maker. I thrive off what I can check off my list. Kahneeta was no different for me. I had my list, but soon set it to the side. It wasn’t important and I just let go. I felt small here. In the mornings I would sit outside before my family woke up and think about how this land had changed. The plateaus were formed by volcanic activity and lava flow, and some of the rivers were scratched due to glaciers. I tried to imagine both of these and it just made me fell tiny in a good way.

Have you traveled to a place that did that too you? That made you feel tiny?

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