Books for Spring Break

Next week my daughter has no pre-school thanks to Easter break. I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve for endless fun, but Mama needs some fun too and in this house that means reading that pile of books that seems to never end. Amy Tan's new book I’ve been holding off on reading Amy Tan’s lastest book. Maybe because her last one came out almost 10 years, but I’ve been savoring it and going slow. What I like about this book is that it is a nice departure (so far) from the normal set up of American daughter, Chinese mother living in the U.S. with one foot in the west and one in the east, and grandma’s story from China yet explores the mother daughter theme. It is set in China about an American(ish) mom with a half Chinese daughter and tells their story. Best of all the town in the novel will also be featured in Lisa See’s book coming out this summer. Tan and See actually vacationed there together, but the same town will appear in their books in two separate eras. I’m geeking out a bit too much right now. I will stop. Maybe. No, I’m going to do a dance right now. I’ve been on the libary’s wait list for The Maze Runner for a hot second. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book and want to ruin the movie coming out soon. This is a love/hate read for me. On the one hand I’m a bit obsessed with Chinese history especially around the rise of Communism. This book is jammed packed with excessively well researched info on Mao and his life, but gives a much better picture of what really happened in China that fills in the blanks left wide open by the official story of Moa. It also dispels many well held myths and not only debunks them, but gives eye witness accounts and proof that is almost impossible to ignore. The up/downside is that at 1,000 pages this is a heafty read with everyword being directly important to the story. It’s a lot to take in and often I find myself putting it down to process what I just read. The real downside is how graphic it can get. I’m no strange to Mao’s inhumanity and idea of torture, but there were a few chapters I cried through. Sometimes I ran to the bathroom to puke. If you are looking for a indepth look into China this is one of the best ones that I have come across. I’ve started reading Pooh Bear books to my daughter when she was a tiny baby. This is the last in the series and we have been going slow (she isn’t a chapter book reader with few pictures kind of kid yet).  It’s a decent book, but it isn’t the same as the ones written by A.A. Milne. My four-year-old is bonkers over Pete the Cat. She can almost recite it word for word. Best of the art work is colorful and the story sends a good message on not fretting over loosing something because after all “buttons come and buttons go, but do we cry? Goodness no!”

What is on your reading list?

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