6 Hours Across Washington


One moment we are here, in a city that was built as the background for the Jetsons and the next….


…next we are in Snow White’s village in the mountains.


Yes, I compare every moment of my life to what TV show or cartoon I may be in. It is what starts most of my conversations with my husband who worries about my Grey’s Anatomy viewing and need to become a surgeon.  That is a story for another day. This story is about how Washington amazes me. Within two hours of leaving sunny Seattle we were in a snowstorm with snow drifts at least 10 feet high.


My husband is in awe. He is part yeti. My daughter is a yeti in training.


Within another hour the snow is behind us and we are in farm lands.


Back up into the mountains. Signs of fire are everywhere. Red, green, and black trees speckle the side of the hill. Moments ago the land was full of life and now the land was struggling to hold on.


Another corner and windmills pop up everywhere with gentle rolling green hills in the background.




Finally the greenest land I ever saw. It looked like an artist got bored and started to experiment with his brush strokes.



I’ve traveled cross country before and see the land change, but never so much as I have seen in 5 hours driving through Washington.

What states surprise you?

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