Shit, It Happens

Shit happens. It happens to really bad people who do just mean things. It also happens to hard-working, honest, kind people who smile at everyone. The thing is that shit happens to everyone no matter if they deserved it or not. It happens no matter how hard someone’s life has been or how much bad things already have happened to them. The straight up hard fact is that shit is everywhere. Yes, everywhere.

No matter what we do we can’t control it from happening but what we can control is how we handle it. When the world throws you a hardball you have the choice to either wallow in your sorrow and let it pull you down into it becoming every part of what we see and do. Letting it effect you to the point where you are crippled by it. Or you can choose to handle it. You can choose to not let the shitty parts of life take you over and face them head on because you are stronger than that. Whatever it is that happens you will find a way to get past this road bump because you are smarter than your problems.

No you don’t deserve your problems, but then again no one does.

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