10 Things My Friends Have Taught Me


Last week was my birthday. It really got me thinking about life and the things that I have been taught along the way.

Outer beauty doesn’t make you beautiful. It is amazing how so many times people who are beautiful by society’s standards look ugly to me while those who aren’t conventionally pretty are beautiful in my eyes. Beauty comes from much further within. It comes from confidence, kindness, and compassion. It comes from being comfortable with who you are.

 Things aren’t always black or white. What is right for one person isn’t always right for another. We all need to make the best choices for us and not based on what others think is best for us and that doesn’t make it wrong, just different.

What we want isn’t usually what we need. Often we try to fill a void of what we really need by going after what we want. Once we get it we are on to the next thing. So what do you really want?

 You can get through it. Sometimes the bad things aren’t as bad as they seem. Sometime they are just as bad, but as humans we have an amazing capability to endure, to get through, and move on because what is on the other side of the hardship will only make you stronger, wiser, and much more able to find compassion for others.

We wont always get all the answers. Some mysteries will never be solved. Sometimes we wont get all the answers and that’s okay. Not everything in life needs one. The best closure sometimes can letting go.

We will loose loved ones. Lose is a part of life. It hurts. It’s painful. Nothing in life is permanent. Allowing yourself to heal and let go of the regrets is the only way you can move on.

We are never alone. It may seem like it. It may seem like we are the only person in the world. It’s not true. There are so many people out there who care and want to help; you just need to reach out and ask for help.

It’s our choice. No one can make you do something. No one is responsible for your decisions. You have the choice in how you are going to react or respond. You have the choice in any decision that you make. Only you can decide how bad or how great your life is going to be.

Sometimes all you can do is let go. We don’t deserve all the things that we put on ourselves. The regrets, the burdens, and nasty thoughts. The best thing we can do is just let go.

People will judge. It may be based on something that you did, a one time meeting, or based on half truths. We make decisions based on our circumstances and sometimes we make mistakes and people will judge. When you are right within yourself and confident in your decisions and able to let go of your regrets it is easier to not accept what others think.

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