Let’s Just Agree To Kill The About Me Blurbs Forever

Whelp, I done gone and broke my brain again. Just slashed a couple hundred words our of an article (because I could sucka and because it needed some tightening up) but I was feeling all giddy about getting something done today. However that could be the mass amount of sugar I have eaten in the last few days. Seriously have Valentine’s Day and my birthday back to back isn’t good for anyone.

The real reason for this post is that I hate writing about me blurbs. Most of the time they are witty prose about how awesome someone is without sounding like they are bragging and just want to sit down and share a cup of coffee with you and eat some chocolate while birds and mice help them dress and clean their house. The whole time I all over here thinking “why didn’t I think of that first.

So I decided that I want my blurb to say this:

Samantha is a doer of things and a sayer of words. Mostly she does awesome things but when she isn’t she is busy saying stuff on her blog. Check it out. Maybe send her a gift card. She would like that, but not to Chili’s. God, not Chili’s.

That’s not what I ended up saying because I’m a chicken. Now I’m hungry. Great.

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