Have You Ever Really Tasted Cake?

Our minds often is cluttered with thoughts. We are bombarded with worry, stress, thinking about what we are going to do next, what will we eat, focusing on where we will go but how often do you just sit and concentrate on what you are doing? We become so busy in our own lives that it become tiring. Hardly do we ever truly fully experience where we are or what we are doing because we are so busy thing about other things? So it is time to try something different.
Feel how the suns warms every inch of your hand. Pay attention how your clothing feels next to your body. Try listening to the noises around you. Can you hear the song of the birds and feel how you hair falls against your neck? Become aware of all the small feelings, smells, and sounds of everyday life. As random thoughts come into your mind push them out. Imagine them turing into bubbles and floating away. Empty your head and open your heart.
Today your goal is to stay present in the moment.

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