What Do You Do When Writer’s Block Hits?


My brain hurts and it has betrayed me. I sit looking at my computer trying to write an article. My husband has convinced me that I should try my hand at writing again to bring in some income and to keep me sane since I have enjoyed it for years. I hate him. I hate my brain. I even hate this computer. Why? Well I’m writing my first submission (is that what it is called? Clearly my education in fashion and business did nothing for me now that I want to pursue writing) to a blog on customer service …and there is nothing. That’s a lie. I’m writing in what appears to be a combination of Chinese and elfish. Or a language that my friends and husband term Samish.

So far this is what I have:

How fo you deal with a difficult customer? Well you need polices and to stay calm and maybe you should do things that don’t piss them off like give bad cutstomer service. If you are good at handling customers and they are still pissed just don’t open the doors to your store or just delete the e-mail. Problem solved.

Really? I mean really? Customer service is what I did for years. It is ingrained in my mind right next to the rules for conjugating a verb was beat into me by my 6th grade teacher. I recieved customer compliments for it, trained people how to do it, and was even got awards for it (customer service not conjugating verbs). Now the only thing I can think to say is that it is a general policy of good customer service to not hit the person in the face and run off giggling, but that is only a general rule.

The worst part is that I can write and have brilliant ideas. You should see what I wake up thinking about at 1 am. It’s sheer brilliance, but when I actually have a few hours to dedicate to building my resume while my daughter is at school my mind is mush.

Okay readers, what do you do when you are trying to write something but your brain is off dancing the Marcarana?

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