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Historically Accurate Maleficent


Oh Simplicty, destroying the best laid plans. I was going to make Bombshell Batwoman, but with the new Bombshell patterns they released this past week I am just going to cool my jets a bit and see if a Batwoman pattern appears anytime soon. Hey, why reinvent the wheel? If Simplicity wants to make the pattern for me I will let them.

Next up: Historically Accurate Maleficent by Claire Hummel

Those sleeve, the buttons, that hat. My god that hat. The sewer in me is having a small panic attack. I need to make this now. Lately I have been blindly stumbling through making Samus armor for Squirt. It’s kind of killing me. Learning a new skill is great, but part of me is yearning to get back into my comfort zone with the sewing machine and jump into the Maleficent challenge.

Breaking this down has been interesting but there are a few parts that are leaving me in a quandary.

Let me break it down.

Cape: This should be easy peasy pumpkin squeezey. It’s a pretty straight forward, black cape with some interfacing to give it height.

Houppelande: This is a bit trickey. I did find a site that offered some great theories on how to design a houppelande. Lots of applique waiting for me on this one. Oh my, I am going to hate app aren’t I? The detail here is going to come in with the dragons. Houppelandes were more elaborate and jewel encrusted the higher the status of the wearer. I doubt Maleficent had few who dared to compare to her.

Buttons: Planning on sculpty unless I find something better.

Divided Hennin: Oh this will be interesting. Again a few different theories on how to make this happen. Maybe felt. Maybe paper mache covered by fabric. This will be interesting.

Specter: Pretty straight forward, but I want it to glow.

Any tips or tricks you want to share? What are you working on?

Poison Ivy Shirt Tutorial 

Where did this Batman obsession start? One day my husband decides to read a Batman comic the next day we are trying to figure out Robin timelines, he is trying to convince me that I must read about the Court of Owls, and Batman stickers are covering his laptop. Then the shirts show up. The Husband gets one. Then Squirt, who needs to be exactly like her daddy, has to have one. Well, if she has one Bubba needs one because Squirt is his idol. That leaves me the odd woman out. It was decided that I needed a shirt, but it isn;t so much Batman that draws me into Gotham. It is the support characters who populate the city that interest me. Besides it is the Poision Ivy’s, Harley Quinn’s, and Jason Todd’s that add the spice to Batman’s life.
It was an image that I came across that pushed me to make my own shirt and because I can’t do the simple thing and print the logo on transfer paper and iron it on I do this:

I started by printing our a Batman logo. When it was the size I wanted I used it as the stencil to cut out a green bat. Using the same logo I trimmed about 1 centimeter off the edge and used that as the template for the black bat.

Now it is just centering the logo on the shirt and sewing them in place.
Using brown embroidery floss I laid out the vines on the bat, cut them, and glued the ends in place with fabric glue. Leave some vines hanging off the logo or do what I did and wrap them around the back for interest or to cover up bleach spot. I will never admit to which one was my reason…

The finishing touch is the leaves. I cut out several sided ivy leaves and sewed them in place on the bottom of the leaf leaving the top loose. To fill in the reset of the vine I used smaller leaves that are tacked on.

So what do you think? I am thinking of doing a series of shirts like this by mixing logo. Maybe a red Harley Quinn bat next?

Flash Fiction: The Hoard

Flash_fiction_zombiesOne moment my chopper was  navigating its way to the township when it all went wrong. There was an explosion, we were hit. We thought we were the only humans left until we were shot down, but there was no time to process this. Base camp was already transmitting info over the radio as we went into a tail spin. We were going down and there was a hoard nearby.

The parachute extended. As I slowly floated to the ground I could the tower.Two, maybe three miles in the distance. If there was any chance of surviving that is where I would have to go. But the hoard was between me and it. Luckily the noise of the crash was drawing most of them away, but there were still stragglers.

Hitting the ground I threw off my parachute. I saw the pilot land nearby but there was no time to search. He would know where to rendezvous. That’s when I heard the bone chilling scream. My heart stopped. Survival mode took over. I ran.

Every noise echoed in my head. Every gust of wind grabbed at me pushing me faster. My heart thumping, sweat pouring down my face and I hear it; a small cough. Startled I look over my shoulder. An older man is running beside me trying not to look in my direction but obviously eying me. Pushing the button on the treadmill I slow to a walking pace and pull out my ear buds.

“Sorry.” I say meekly. “I, um, it’s an app, to help me run. It’s zombies. They chase you. Well it is more complicated see I was on a mission to bring water back to my township when my helicopter was shot down. I landed in a hoard of zombies. I had to make it to the tower, the only safe zone, but the zombies were closing in on me. Almost didn’t make it.”

The man stopped walking and just glared.

“Strong imagination.”I say pointing at my head. “The zombie growls were very life like.” I add while quickly getting off the treadmill.


***Inspired by a true story.

Flash Fiction: The Flash

Sci-fi_flash_fiction.jpgThe flash in the sky was blinding. I was outside when the world just blinked. That’s what is was or at least the best way to explain what happened; it all just blinked. One moment I was watching my daughter, Miko, do flips off her swing, ringlets of hair wildly flying around and then was a blinding light followed by darkness.  It was as if the world flickered off and then right back on.

I waited with my eyes turned towards the sky waiting for something to happen, but nothing came. Nothing happened. Shutting my eyes I listened to the world that had fallen silent in a second. The birds had gone quiet. There was no sound of children coming from the school down the street. No wind gently rustling her hair. Even the smell of the world was wrong. A strong chemical smell came from the trees the yard reminding her of the tree shaped air freshener dangling from her cars rear view mirror.

“Mama, I’m hungry.” Miko whimpered as she dragged her feet on the ground below her swing.

“You just ate.” My stomach grumbled in agreement. “Okay, go inside.” Miko slipped off the swing ambled slowly towards the house. My stomach turned. Something was wrong but I couldn’t pin point the issue. My body felt sticky.

“Cereal?” I asked as I pulled the milk out of the fridge. Miko had flopped down on the table, head on her arms. “Love are you okay?” No reply as she looked back at me with dull eyes. “Here eat this.” I poured the milk into the bowl and was immediately  meet with a rancid smell. The milk poured out in chunks. “

“Honey, is your cell working?” John asked as he walked into the kitchen. ”My computer crashed a few minutes ago. I went to check the internet connection and it isn’t working. My cell won’t turn on and all the electronics are fried.”

“Wonder if it had anything to do with that flash?” I asked as I pulled out my dead cell.

“I guess.” He didn’t look convinced. “Sweetpea what’s wrong?” He placed his hand on Miko’s forehead. “Hun, have you taken her temperature? She is freezing.”

A knock came from the front door. “I’ll get it. You help her.”

Outside two lanky men in suits greeted me. “Hello ma’am. I am Agent Mallow and this is my partner Agent Kimley. We are with the CGC may we come in?”

“Um, sure.” They pushed past. Glancing outside it seemed that the entire neighborhood were getting similar visitors. “This is my husband, John and my daughter, Miko.” I say following them inside. “So the CGC you say?”

“Yes.” Mallow said.

“Is that related to the CDC?”

“Yes.” They both said exchanging looks.

“Wait, are you investigating an outbreak?” John said his eyes slowly widening with worry. “Miko, our daughter, she isn’t feeling well.” Mallow nodded to Kimley. “My partner will take a look at her. I have some questions first. How long has she been sick?”

“Um, well I’m not sure.” John stated struggling to remember.

“She was fine a moment ago. Before the flash she was swinging and afterwards she was listless. Was that it? Was it a terrorist attack? Biological Warfare?”

“No, no ma’am nothing like that, but the flash, you remember that? Anything else. Anything after?”

“No, just that there was a flash. Then everything was a bit off.”

“How so?”

“Well, the air was different.”

“What about it?”

“It was warmer.” I looked around the room trying to gauge everyone’s reactions.

“Yes, go on.” Mallow encouraged.

Straightening up I began again. “Well, the smells, of the trees smelled off.”


“Yes, like chemicals. And the birds. There was a new nest in the tree with babies. They were singing, but after the flash they stopped.”

“Well they probably scared by the flash you saw.” John said.

“No, that’s the thing. The nest wasn’t there anymore.”

Mallow was scribbling in his notepad.

“Is this really important?” I asked.

“Yes, it is. John did you see the flash?”


“Interesting.” He scribbled a few more notes.

“Now,” he said turning back to me. “Do you feel different.”

“Yes, a bit. Kind of plastic. And itchy. That kind of itchy when new skin is growing over a wound.”

Kimley backed away from Miko, walked over to his partner, and whispered in his ear.”

Slightly shaking his head Mallow looked over at Miko and back towards as Kimley opened a small box. “I’m sorry, but you were correct about her being sick. We do have something that should stabilize her and I am afraid the two of you will need to be to be vaccinated as well in case you have contracted it.” Kimley handed a needle to Mallow. He rolled up Miko’s sleeve and injected her with a clear liquid.

“Wait, hold on we didn’t give you permission.”

“Ma’am your daughter is very sick. This will help.” Kimley said as he prepared two more injections.

“It’s okay. She needs this.” John said as he rolled up his sleeve as an act of good faith.

“Okay, Mary your turn. Give me your arm.”

“Wait, how do you know my name?”

“You told us. At the front door.”

“No, no I didn’t.”

“Your husband must have mentioned it.”

“No, I’m sure he didn’t”

“Well, it doesn’t matter now.” He said as he injected the needle into my arm. “In a few moments none of this will matter.”

My eyes started to twitch. I grabbed for the kitchen table as my body fell but I wasn’t in control of my arms. From the floor I could John laying on the ground on the other side of the table and Miko’s tiny hand hanging limply.

The world fades in and out. “Center of Genetic Control this Alpha 1.” Static rippled through my eyes. “We had a situation in Sector 183, block 873, unit 1,093. Yes, we terminated the specimens. One was a retainer and the other an defect. Please relay instructions…”

A sour metallic taste “Water.” I gasped.

One of the men gently lifted me off the floor. “Shh, don’t worry just be calm.”

“I need help.” I pleaded struggling to speak. “Am I dying?”

“The real you died 1,000 years ago. You are a clone of the real Mary Stockhouse.” His eyes softened. “The flash was both the ending and beginning of your world. It ended with a meteor strike. We cleared the last few memories that would could of the world dying that happened in the weeks after. We had been watching, cataloging your planet and species for a long time. When we were able to we brought as many of you back as we were able to and placed you in the last memory before impact. So the flash was your world ending and being restarted.”

“But why?”

“That whys aren’t important. As you can see we haven’t worked out the kinks. You shouldn’t have remembered the flash or noticed any differences in your environment. We can’t have that. Too many loose ends. And then there is your little one.” A sympathetic smile crossed his face. “Some of you ended up getting sick. We aren’t sure why but we know it is a defect on our end. We need to contain it. Learn from it”

“But John, he didn’t remember. He wasn’t sick.” My voice barely audible.

“Loose ends.”

“Loose en….”Sci-fi_flash_fiction.jpg


Ah, May. The month I realize there are less than five weeks of school left and freak out by trying to sew with both hands and my right foot at once in order to get my projects done before I become the full time personal assistant for my kids over the summer.

This month I have two big cosplay projects on my list as well as a writing goal.

Mays W.I.P.s

Alice In Wonderland:


Coming up in June is the Fremont Solstice Parade. It really isn’t one of those things that can be explained so much. It needs to be experienced. Think living street theater meets naked people on bikes in a parade. Each year I do photography for the parade. It involves a lot of dodging people on stilts in either pouring rain or 80 degree weather. So why not add a costume! Last year was Steampunk Mad Hatter and this year Alice!

I will do a post in the future about the inspiration but as of right now I have most of the jumper finished as well as the gloves.

This month I need to finish the jumper, apron, and blouse, and start on the Cheshire Cat backpack.



Okay, okay I have no clue what I am doing here so slow and steady is key. Thankfully this doesn’t need to be done until October but my boss (Squirt) tries to keep moving up the timeline on me. I’m starting to wonder if she just has that much confidence in me or thinks I am a robot.

This month goal is to finish the jumpsuit and research various materials for the armor. (craft foam vs eva foam? Opinions anyone?)


That’s the working title who a short story I have been babying/avoiding for months. A fun little story about a young cargo pilot facing some ethical issues and DNA storage. There has been a lot of research on my end regarding DNA storage which is a rather new and currently not a viable way to store information due mostly to cost, so there has been a lot of imaging what the world would and could look like if it was practical.

I have several drafts written, but it is time to focus and fully flesh out the characters.

This months goal is to get a tight and clean outline to work with.

That’s my months. What are you working on?

Emerald City Comic Con


I’m going to to Emerald City Comic Con, hehe! I’m going to ECCC, haha! I’m going to…WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WALK IN TO?

After falling head over heals in love with cosplay because it is like a very long Halloween (Batman fans see what I did there?) I needed to go to a con. After Geek Girl Con I knew I was ready. Oh, young padawan how little you know. 

I was excited. Over the moon and in full Raven gear.


The Good:

  1. ECCC is huge.
  2. Really huge.

The Bad:

  1. There are lots of people. The jury is still out on how I feel about people but this was more people then I can normally handle and my meds were not handling my anxiety well. 
  2. Employees had no clue were anything was and each had the vision of a mystical escalator somewhere that would whisk us off to where we were trying to go.
  3. Said escalator did not exist.

The Ugly:

  • My family got locked in a stairwell with an exhausted and hungry six year old. How did that happen? See the statements above.

The Verdict:


ECCC was HOLYGOODGODAMAZING. The cosplay was off the charts. People were generally friendly and welcoming with the exception of the one person who was a little to overexcited about my cosplay and I suspect that he thought I really was Raven. I can’t blame him. Often I get mistaken for a half demon inter dimensional being who can fly. It’s cool.


That isn’t ECCC incase you were wondering. This was my house after a battle with Baby Blood, Brother Blood’s younger sibling. 

The best part was watching my daughter, Squirt, get into the action. As we were walking outside she came across a fairy being chased by a large man with a hammer and promptly asked if she could play. How could you say no to kid dressed as Starfire? They ran all over and Squirt was shooting fire bolts out of her hands. At one point the guy broke character to laugh over “Starfire is pewing me.” It’s on my instagram. Check it out. 


ECCC was just a blast. Now I’m looking forward my next. Maybe PAX? 

What was your first con?

The One Shoed Raven of Emerald City Comic Con

There comes a point when the ideal of sailing into a deadline with comfortable room to spare collides with the reality of situation. Last night I realized Emerald City Comic Con was 10 days away. Cue panic attack.

Quick rundown on where I stand:

Starfire: Done.

Raven: Almost there.

Beast Boy: Fuhgeddaboudit.


Yes, it may seem I am in good standing. Raven’s dress and cape are done. Wig arrived in the mail. Red bindi is sitting on my dresser. Got a fancy body suit contraption to keep everything in place. Tried out my Raven makeup and ended up running to pick up my daughter at school with it on. A second grader told me he “liked my face.” Seal of approval if I have ever heard one. Right now all I need is to finish one of the gloves, finish the boots, and say a prayer over the belt in hopes it doesn’t fall apart.


That doesn’t seem like much until I add in that my glove that needs finishing is missing which means if it isn’t found I have to find the same fabric to make a replacement or start over. Oh and the boots, ha, well I have no clue what I am doing here. I need to glue the boot cover to one shoe, but I haven’t because I’m a chicken and think I cut the fabric wrong. See in my mind if I let it sit the magic elves will come out and do it for me and all will be right in the world. So far no elves. They never come. Damn elves.
Well, if you see a Raven with one boot and glove hoddling around Comic Con come say hi.