I Am Ready for The Solstice

It has barely started to look like Spring around here but my mind is already prepared for summer. While skimming through some of my photos I came across last year's Solstice Parade photos and I was transported to my happy place amongst naked cyclists, zombies pulling floats through the streets, hammocks strung in the trees… Continue reading I Am Ready for The Solstice

D.I.Y., family

Poke Pillow Tutorial

Lego club ends with a rousing game of "guess the animal I am." How or why this is such a hit is best left for another day, trust me. Kids jump around the room one a hawk another a worm. "Who am I?" Squirt yells. "Mew." I say as she crashes to the ground and flops on… Continue reading Poke Pillow Tutorial

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Historically Accurate Maleficent

Oh Simplicty, destroying the best laid plans. I was going to make Bombshell Batwoman, but with the new Bombshell patterns they released this past week I am just going to cool my jets a bit and see if a Batwoman pattern appears anytime soon. Hey, why reinvent the wheel? If Simplicity wants to make the… Continue reading Historically Accurate Maleficent